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Suwu Futures: the tapping period is approaching, and HuJiao is still in the medium-term short position trend

today, HuJiao ru0807 closed at 22. System Zui big dynamic test force: 500 kn; 2490 yuan, up 615 yuan

on the spot market, the average price of China Rubber SCR 5/5 55 5 standard glue was 22378 yuan/ton, down 273 yuan/ton from yesterday

the spot price discount contributed to the sharp reduction of 5965 tons of natural rubber inventory in the previous period last week. The daily rubber index also closed higher in the afternoon today, and the market seems to show signs of stabilization. However, this is not the case in the spot market. The quotation of China rubber scr5/5# standard rubber continued to decline, and the spot price of rubber in Southeast Asia also fell slightly, and the transaction was light

the recovery of futures today may be just a short-term rebound brought about by the rebound of the US dollar. At present, the crude oil is in a weak position, and the rubber cutting hydraulic production enterprises have taken price reduction measures to maintain the profit situation. The universal experimental machine period is gradually approaching, and the medium-term pressure on the Shanghai rubber market is not reduced; Technically, the Shanghai Jiao average shows a short position trend, and the futures price is still in the medium-term downward channel. It is suggested that investors maintain short thinking and try to do a small amount of short selling at high prices

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