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The final result of Kailuan Zhonghao hexyl alcohol plant is a successful start-up of the cyclohexanol plant of the Pentium acid project for the plastic industry. Recently, the cyclohexanol plant of the 150000 ton/year adipic acid project of Kailuan Zhonghao company was successfully started up at one time, and high-quality intermediate products cyclohexanol and by-product cyclohexane were produced. Through quality inspection and analysis, all indicators are better than the product design value, reaching the high-quality level in the industry. The purity of cyclohexanol is 99.95%, exceeding the design purity value by 99.5%; The purity of cyclohexane is 99.999%, which exceeds the design purity value by 99.9%

this is another important stage progress in adipic acid project construction after the successful start-up of nitric acid plant and PSA Hydrogen production. To optimize the variety structure, the company will continue to adjust process parameters and equipment performance, and spare no effort to promote the commissioning of adipic acid plant, so as to ensure the production of high-quality adipic acid products as soon as possible

adipic acid project includes three production units: nitric acid, cyclohexanol and adipic acid. Cyclohexanol is one of the raw materials for the production of adipic acid. In laboratory tests, the benzene partial hydrogenation method with independent intellectual property rights is adopted. Compared with the traditional benzene total hydrogenation method, cyclohexanol has the characteristics of less energy consumption, less waste discharge, safer technology and high product purity

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