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Yangzi company plans to build a million ton plastic base in three years

according to the development and market demand of China's plastic industry, as well as the overall arrangement for the development of Yangzi Petrochemical Company, Yangzi Petrochemical Company has put forward the goal of building a one million ton/year plastic production base in three years

Yangzi Petrochemical Company has a production capacity of 400000 tons of HDPE and 400000 tons of PP, with a total plastic production capacity of 800000 tons/year. The year 2003 was the first year of three years of struggle, and the total plastic output of 82.7 tons was exceeded 16 days in advance. We must firmly expand and strengthen the confidence of the tensile testing machine industry; The year 2004 is the second key year for the implementation of the three-year struggle to build a million ton plastic base, which can be seen from the export of oil spills and so on. In 2004, the total output of plastic will exceed 900000 tons; The Alliance for technological innovation and industrialization of new chemical materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established, and a 1million ton/year plastic production base was built in 2005. It mainly focuses on tackling key scientific and technological problems, and improves the capacity and level of production devices through technological transformation

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