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Many indicators of Yangzi ethylene reached the best level in history

through continuous optimization of raw material structure and ethylene cracking furnace operation, in February, the yield of diene, high by-product and equivalent ethylene of Yangzi Petrochemical reached the best level in history, increased by 0.73%, 0.14% and 0.34% respectively compared with January; The raw material cost per ton of ethylene continued to decline, and the gap with the advanced benchmark Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. narrowed from an average of 385 yuan/ton in 2014 to 66 yuan/ton, reaching the advanced level of the group company

in order to improve the diene yield and high value-added product yield of high ethylene unit when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, Yangzi Petrochemical scientifically calculates the high by-product yield of various cracking furnace types under different raw materials through simulation software, calculates the best operating process parameters of different cracking furnaces, and continuously improves the performance level of the unit by optimizing the raw material structure and cracking furnace process operation. In combination with the current market prices of various raw materials, Yangzi Petrochemical carried out model calculation in a timely manner. According to the calculation results, Yang is considered to be the best green environmental protection carrier for energy conservation and environmental protection. In terms of raw material biocompatibility, which means that all material equipment, sampling or systems do not cause obvious clinical reactions to the host, zipetrochemical gives priority to increasing the input proportion of light raw materials and low-cost raw materials such as light naphtha, adsorbed naphtha, tail oil and disproportionated dry gas. Compared with January, the proportion of ordinary naphtha of Yangzi Petrochemical decreased by 5.2%, the proportion of adsorbed naphtha increased by 5.7%, and the proportion of liquefied gas increased by 0.5%. In order to ensure the stable supply of adsorbed naphtha, Yangzi Petrochemical has carefully operated to ensure the stable operation of the naphtha adsorption and separation unit

in order to avoid the loss of ethylene high attachment products, Yangzi Petrochemical optimized its operation and closely monitored the loss of methane, ethane, propane and other high attachment products in the flare gas; In addition, the analysis frequency of flare gas components should be strengthened. Once the content of effective components is found to be high, troubleshooting and leakage elimination should be carried out immediately. At the same time, Yangzi Petrochemical has carefully maintained the fuel system, trying to reduce the fluctuation of the device and avoid overpressure flare of the fuel system. In February, Yangzi Petrochemical's ethylene flare gas emissions continued to decline, with losses of 0.03% for ethylene tower and 1.3% for propylene tower, far less than the design value

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