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Yangzi 30000 ton PE gas pipe special material device CCCC

on May 16, Yangzi Petrochemical Company completed the annual 30000 ton PE gas pipe special material device CCCC, transforming the scientific research achievements of special materials into practical productivity. The special materials developed and produced by the company have been recognized as pe112 grade by a laboratory in Sweden, an international authoritative testing institution. It is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity to combine the data of the same experimental scheme carried out at different times or batches, and become "the second product in the world to obtain pe112 grade certification after Samsung petrochemical in South Korea.". This marks that Sinopec's independent research and development capacity of polyethylene pipe materials has entered the international advanced ranks

baoguangfu, an engineer of Yangzi Petrochemical Research Institute, introduced that the demand for PE gas pipes in China is rising rapidly. In addition to the west to East Gas Transmission and Sichuan to east gas transmission projects that have been and are being implemented, projects such as importing natural gas from coastal areas and natural gas from Central Asia and Russia will also be implemented. The pipeline market has a huge capacity and broad development prospects. Yangzi Petrochemical combines the structural performance and market application of special materials to improve and improve product performance. Gu Yuefeng, deputy general manager of the company, said that the construction of this project will help enterprises form patented industrial production technology with independent intellectual property rights, expand the market share of domestic brands, improve the quality of domestic pipe special materials and establish brand image, and shorten the gap between China and developed countries in terms of high-performance and high-grade pipe material products

it is understood that China has formed a considerable scale of polyethylene pipe production capacity, with hundreds of production enterprises, with an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million tons. However, at present, only Shanghai Petrochemical Company is able to produce polyethylene gas pipe special materials, and Yangzi Petrochemical Company, Yanshan Petrochemical Company and Qilu Petrochemical Company have a small amount of polyethylene gas pipe special materials, with a scale of only 1000 tons. Therefore, the special materials needed in China depend on imports, which account for about 90% of the market share

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