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Taiwan panel factory actively layout the embedded touch technology

Japan and South Korea panel factories are not allowed to specialize in the United States. Taiwan panel factory actively layout the embedded (oncell) touch technology, which is expected to be mass produced and shipped in the third quarter. Huaying received orders for 5-inch embedded touch panels from mainland brands and began mass production and shipment in July. Qunchuang and Youda are rushing to attack 5-6 inch phablet applications, and plan to mass produce in this quarter

although the embedded touch panel manufactured by sharp and LGD for apple did not respond well, the TFT panel factory still invested in relevant technology development, hoping to get back the right to serve in the touch panel industry. Taiwan panel factories, including Youda, qunchuang, Huaying and Caijing, are actively developing embedded panels with integrated touch functions

witsview pointed out that at present, the size of the embedded touch panel is mainly based on the applications such as 7-inch flat panel and 5-inch to 6-inch phablet with strong demand. It mainly promotes that it can provide almost infinite design freedom in shape, color and texture to white label customers, hoping to gradually expand the shipment of the embedded touch panel to improve the production yield. And through standardized panel design to optimize the cost structure, grab low-cost tablets and the market

because in the past, Huaying used the embedded touch panel for Samsung OEM AMOLED panel, with a monthly shipment of up to 7million pieces, it has the fastest promotion speed at this stage due to its mass production performance. It is said that Huaying has received an order for 5-inch embedded touch panel. The customer is one of the four major brands in the mainland. It has been mass produced and shipped in July, and will continue to attack the application market below 7 inches in the future

qunchuang has developed TOD (touchondisplay) products at the beginning of this year, that is, the embedded touch panel, which is also targeted at the market below 7 inches. It is said that qunchuang has also won orders from mainland brands, and the size is mainly 5-inch products, which are expected to be mass produced and shipped in the third quarter. Other panel manufacturers, including Youda, Caijing, lingju, etc., are also actively developing embedded touch panels, which are still in the stage of sample submission and verification

tft panels have rushed into the touch industry, taking a multi-party strategy in terms of technical layout. In terms of large-scale applications, including tablet computers and even larger notebooks, most of them are OGS monolithic touch panels. As for the application of small-scale performance features, the development track of the industry in the past 10 years has shown enough toughness and momentum. This year, it is locked in the embedded touch control. If the yield is stable, the market share is expected to expand rapidly, as follows:

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