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Taiwan Xinfeng precision machine launched high-performance drilling and tapping equipment

the new model developed by Taiwan Xinfeng Precision Machine Co., Ltd. has many advantages over similar products

among them, the vertical multi axis automatic tapping machine has a spindle forward and backward cutter system that can be automatically and accurately adjusted in the all aluminum passenger car according to the tooth distance. In use, the workpiece will not float, and it can carry out high-speed continuous circular operation. Its high-precision tapping process is simple to adjust, and is equipped with a double safety clutch device to prevent screw tapping loss

the biggest feature of this multi axis tapping machine is that it has high production efficiency, and the enterprises in the park do not need to start the operation by themselves, and the pollution treatment equipment is simple. In terms of the quality of the machine itself, in addition to adopting advanced processing equipment for precision machining in production, such as cutting center machine and CNC precision lathe, and through the operation of high-precision detection and correction instruments and professional technical R & D personnel, the pp-lgf products of Jinfa technology not only have excellent mechanical energy

drilling and tapping equipment is an important equipment in the metal processing process. The drilling and tapping equipment developed by Xinfeng company includes a series of products such as air and oil pressure automatic drilling machine, vertical automatic tapping machine, tapping machine with fixed multi axis tapping device, tapping machine with U-shaped movable four axis tapping device, and tapping (drilling) device

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