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Taiwan textile industry delegation visited Yancheng on April 12, Wang Yakang, chairman of Taiwan textile industry comprehensive research institute, led a Taiwan textile industry delegation to Yancheng, Jiangsu Province

Zhao Peng, Secretary of Yancheng Municipal Party committee, met with Wang Yakang and his delegation. Zhao Peng said that the textile static arc height or designated negative impact testing machine and green environmental protection: the MM industry of arc height deviation under load over the years belongs to the traditional industry, but because Taiwan Textile Research Institute provides scientific and technological support for Taiwan's textile industry, injects high and new technology, and develops many new materials, the traditional textile industry has become an emerging industry and a sunrise industry. The textile industry used to be an important industrial support in Yancheng, absorbing a large number of employed people. Although its share has decreased in recent years, it still accounts for about 20%. For a long time, Yancheng's textile industry is large but not strong, and there are weak links such as insufficient innovation and research and development. If Yancheng's textile industry wants to reach a new level, it must take the lead in scientific and technological innovation to ensure the stability and accuracy of the test results There has been a breakthrough in leading enterprises. He hopes that Taiwan entrepreneurs can understand Yancheng enough with a special fresh-keeping film blown by the blow molding machine, further strengthen cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through the complementary industrial advantages of both sides

Wang Yakang said that Taiwan's textile industry, especially the newly developed functional products, has a wide range of applications. Yancheng Yueda group has long-term good cooperation with Taiwan Nanwei industry. The Taiwan textile industry delegation hopes to use this visit to seek new cooperation in the industrial chain and promote the development of the textile industry

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