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Taishan fiberglass was approved to build the first batch of academician workstations in Shandong Province recently, Shandong Provincial Department of science and Technology issued the notice on Approving the construction of the first batch of academician workstations in Shandong Province, and Taishan fiberglass Co., Ltd. was selected. It is reported that a total of 60 enterprises in the province have been approved. The first batch of academician workstations in Shandong Province is based on the relevant regulations of the measures for the administration of academician workstations in Shandong Province (for Trial Implementation). The export growth is stable and has made progress. Among them, after formal review, expert consultation and other procedures, the Provincial Department of science and technology determined the construction, with a construction period of 3 years, from 2009 to 2012

in recent years, in order to promote the use of door and window corner strength testing machines in enterprises more and more widely, scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the construction of enterprises' own innovation ability, Taishan glass fiber has increased cooperation with many domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, introduced talents and technology, and realized transformation in enterprises. Through project cooperation, we vigorously carried out talent training and academic exchanges, realized the seamless connection between industry, University and research, and created a group of high-level discipline leaders with strong innovation ability. Pei was also named by the inspection team due to golf corruption, including China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., Baosteel Group Co., Ltd., China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation, China Unicom, China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd China Shipping (Group) Corporation and the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China have raised a number of excellent innovative talent groups and innovative teams, built a high-level technological innovation platform, promoted the rapid development of enterprises, and created higher economic and social benefits

it is understood that the academician workstation is a scientific and technological innovation platform promoted by the government, with the substantive participation of many academicians, with enterprises as the main body and common interests as the link, and implementing enterprise management and market-oriented operation

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