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On November 21, the press conference of "opening the industrialization era of hub motors for new energy vehicles in China and the wholly-owned acquisition of Dutch e-traction company by Hubei Taite electromechanical Co., Ltd." was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing on November 18, 2016. On November 21, the launch of the industrialization era of hub motors for China's new energy vehicles and the wholly-owned acquisition of Dutch e-traction company by Hubei Taite electromechanical Co., Ltd. was held at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. He Guangyuan, former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry of China, Xu Bingjin, President of the China Association for European Economic and technological cooperation, Fu Yuwu, President of the China Society of automotive engineering, an Qingheng, director of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, Wang Dazhong, President of the U.S. - China Automotive exchange Association, Zhao Fuquan, rotating president of the World Federation of automotive engineers and President of the Institute of automotive industry and technology strategy of Tsinghua University, and many other heavyweight guests in the industry, The leaders of Jingmen City, Hubei Province and the Dutch ambassador to China attended the scene and witnessed this industry event together

the determination of the Chinese government to promote the development of new energy vehicles is changing the pattern of China's automobile market and affecting the formation of a new world automobile civilization. However, whether the field of new energy vehicles in China will be like the traditional automotive field, the hollowing out of core components is worrying. The motor, one of the three electric vehicles, is the core component of new energy vehicles. Although China has made progress in the central motor, the distributed drive, which represents the development trend of the future motor, and the related electronic control have not yet made achievements

Europe has been at the forefront of the world in this regard, and e-traction in the Netherlands is the leader in today's world hub motor enterprises. E-traction, headquartered in aperton, the Netherlands, was founded in 1981 and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of electric power transmission systems. The development of hub power transmission systems began in the late 1990s. Up to now, e-traction has more than 200 invention patents. Its products have been applied in buses and buses in eight European countries. The vehicles that assemble its products have been running on the road for eight years, and their technology has also been developed to the third generation

Lu Chao, chairman of Tianjin Tianhai synchronous group, believes that although China's auto parts industry is large in scale, it lacks high-end technology for core parts, which can no longer make the field of new energy vehicles a sad place for domestic parts. The process is as follows: the refrigerant is adiabatically compressed to a higher pressure by the compressor, and using global resources and capital forces for mergers and acquisitions is a good way for rapid development. There have been many successful precedents before. In the field of finished vehicles, Geely's acquisition of Volvo has set an example; In the field of spare parts, cross-border mergers and acquisitions have also occurred frequently in the past two years. Hub motor technology is a leading high-end core component technology. If it can be wholly acquired, it means that it will be completely owned by me from now on

Hubei Taite electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tianjin Tianhai synchronous group invested in the construction of hub motor project in Duodao District of Hubei Jingmen high tech Zone. It was settled in July this year, with a total investment of 600million yuan and an area of 100 mu. The group is a high-tech company, which integrates independent research and development, manufacturing of core components of commercial vehicles, electronic control technology, and full system transmission of commercial vehicles

in September this year, Hubei Taite electromechanical finally reached a merger intention with Dutch e-traction Europe B.V company, the largest hub motor manufacturer of new energy vehicles in Europe, through several rounds of investigation and negotiation. On September 26, in the Dutch Embassy in China, witnessed by the Dutch Minister of infrastructure and environment, Ms. Schultz, Hubei Taite and the Dutch e-traction Europe B.V company held a signing ceremony for the acquisition of 100% equity

after the merger and acquisition of e-traction company, Taite electromechanical will have the core technical advantages of hub motor, and can accelerate the promotion and application in the field of new energy commercial vehicles. According to the plan, Tate electromechanical will carry out business through three institutions, the first is e-traction in the Netherlands. This acquisition retains the original foreign management team, and the Dutch company will act as the global R & D center of Tate Electromechanical, responsible for the R & D of basic business; The second is the 2400 square meter application research and development center located in Anting, Shanghai, which is responsible for localized application research and development and marketing promotion; In addition, the factory in Jingmen, Hubei Province will achieve mass production by the end of 2017. The first phase goal is to achieve the output of 20000 sets by 2018, and the future goal is to become the world's largest hub motor supplier

in terms of market promotion, Taite electromechanical plans to occupy the domestic new energy commercial vehicle market such as buses and logistics vehicles through close cooperation with the parent company Tianhai synchronous group and through the localization research, development and promotion of products, and then expand its market share in agricultural machinery, industry, high-speed rail and other fields, so as to assist Tianhai synchronous group to further summarize the following points and enter the European market

industry insiders gave high comments on this acquisition. Xu Bingjin, President of the China Association for European Economic and technological cooperation, said: This is a successful case of Chinese enterprises mastering the high-end technology of core components. Li Shengqi, Secretary General of China automotive automatic transmission innovation alliance, believes that the market dominance of new energy buses is in China, and the technology is also in China. After this wholly-owned acquisition, we have a full say. After the acquisition, it can achieve win-win cooperation and catch up with and surpass China's bus industry and motor industry

in recent years, in the new energy wave sweeping the world, the development of new energy vehicle powertrain can be divided into three stages. The first generation is central motor centralized drive technology, the second generation is wheel side motor technology, and the third generation is hub motor technology. Compared with the previous two generations of technologies, hub motor technology has many advantages, such as more efficient, energy-saving, lightweight, miniaturization and so on. It can effectively solve the cost, energy consumption and other problems of new energy vehicles, and is the application trend in the future

based on this, some people in the industry believe that the hub motor can be called the ultimate solution for pure electric vehicles. This technology enables the vehicle to change from central drive to distributed drive, eliminating transmission components such as transmission, transmission shaft and differential, and integrating power, transmission and braking devices into the hub, realizing the integration of engine and transmission of new energy vehicles, from mechanical drive to electric drive. This is the most direct electronic tensile testing machine. What are the safety devices and operating procedures of this equipment The most efficient driving mode

in terms of market feedback, at present, large bus enterprises have shown great interest in Taite electromechanical and are actively preparing to develop sample vehicles. Industry insiders predict that industrialization can be achieved in threeorfour years. Once it is promoted on a large scale, the current urban public transport ecosystem will be reshaped, reducing the application of transmission and challenging the traditional industrial chain. The technical advantages of e-traction in electronic control will also improve China's electronic control ability of batteries, motors and vehicles

in a sense, this merger and acquisition will drive the overall shift and acceleration of the industrialization process of hub motor technology, and a new era of industrialization and reform of transmission system of China's new energy vehicles has arrived

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