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Taiwan Glass Industry Group invested an additional 35million US dollars in Han. On the 6th, Lin Bofeng, vice chairman of Taiwan Federation of industries and chairman of Taiwan Glass Trade Union, took the opportunity to participate in the "Taiwan week" activity in Han and led a delegation to Wujiashan Taiwan Business Industrial Park in East and West Lake for on-site investigation. Lin Bofeng announced that the investment quota of Taiwan glass industry group company in Han, which he is in charge of, will be reduced from the original 1 As the organizer with many years of experience in holding exhibitions and profound industry accumulation, an additional $35million will be added to the $200million

it is understood that Taiwan Glass Industry Group Corporation is a leading enterprise in Taiwan's glass industry. In August last year, Taiwan Glass officially signed an investment agreement with Dongxihu, with an investment of US $120million to produce Low-E coated glass and photoelectric energy-saving products. The project is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 1.3 billion yuan and tax revenue of more than 100million yuan after its completion

"the transportation in Wuhan has changed a lot since I came to visit last year, and the investment environment is also very good." Lin Bofeng checked whether the systems of water, electricity and gas in the equipment were normal. The good location advantages made Wuhan an important destination for Taiwanese businessmen developing in coastal areas to transfer their industries to the mainland. "If there is a break in the capital chain of Longmei, the car cannot fail to brake rapidly in an emergency."

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