Do you feel the warmth of the moment when you are

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Do you feel the warmth of the moment when you are doing customer service

customer service is not omnipotent. No matter how experienced you are in customer service, you will feel sick every day, talk about sore throat, have no normal holidays, and have to adapt to the shift. There will always be a day or two when you feel tired and don't love. But I have to admit that the emotions that can be mixed in customer service are very delicate, and it is particularly easy to be satisfied and moved. A simple greeting from the customer, the silent care of your family, or the support of your colleagues all make you feel tired and don't love instantly regain momentum, and your heart is full of warmth

this solicitation is not only for customer service benefits, but also for customer service partners. After all, customer service is a profession that needs more people to understand and support ~

1 Yiyi: what warms me is the customer's care

I remember that it was the winter of the first year when I first came to Shanghai and began to do customer service. It may be that the climate in Shanghai is not suitable, or it may be caused by other reasons. I got angry. Because it is serious, it directly leads to abnormal hoarseness, and because there are few people, we can only stick to our posts. I remember that night when I picked up every call, most customers would say after consulting that since the little girl was ill, I had a good rest. That night, I didn't have the trouble of being complained by customers, and I didn't feel sad about being a customer service. That night, the care of all customers warmed my heart. That night, I didn't use the micron aluminum powder production process that winter, mainly adopting the atomization method, and then I felt cold

2. Second, in hibernation: what warms me is my father's silent support

I met a very difficult customer and worked very hard to serve, but he was very dissatisfied. He complained to the company about me and asked for a replacement, which caused me to be criticized by the supervisor, especially wronged. My father called and deliberately suppressed my emotions, but he was still noticed by my father. He didn't ask me what happened, but told me to pay attention to my body outside and come back if I couldn't hold on, Tears flowed out at once, and then told my father, well, I will take good care of myself. I hung up and suddenly found that my grievance had disappeared. I instantly recovered my motivation. Dad, I love you

3. Wool customer service representative: what warms me is a word of comfort from the customer

after graduation, I joined the customer service industry, and it has been more than three years now. I remember the first call with a trembling voice. Hello, I'm BLINDA. I'm glad to serve you. "I think I should have been happy too early at that time". Unfortunately, the first call is to complain about the service attitude of the physical store. I only heard the person across the street roast about her experience. For a moment, I don't know what language to comfort her, so I can only listen silently and recognize her dissatisfaction in time, After talking for more than ten minutes, she silently said to me, little girl, I'm not aiming at you. I know it's not easy for you. Your eyes are wet in an instant. Maybe an occasional little consolation can also heal many scars in my heart. It's this little story that makes me step into the real customer service industry for three years, and there will be another three years, the next three years

4. Miaomiao: what warms me is the customer's praise.

I'm full of emotion. As a customer service sister, I should have passed a sweet voice to the customer. I have to take a vacation when I catch a cold. However, at present, the company has only one person to hold such an important task, and the baby can only hold on to his post with a cold. That day, the whole person spoke with a thick nasal sound and sneezed all over the sky. Of course, it was no exception when I received it. That day, as a customer service sister, I was moved by the customer for the first time

I: Hello, this is XXX company. How can I help you? Just finished this sentence, ah cut. Did I cover my mouth or did I make a little noise. Customer: a customer with sensitive ears, ask: is it a cold? Me: I'm nervous. Will this person want to complain about me? I have a cold, my voice is so unpleasant, and I sneeze when I speak. I'm very nervous. I quickly apologized. Sorry, sir, I really caught a cold. Ah cut! I can't control it. Ah, cut, there are several more in a row Thinking that the complaint is certain. Customer: with a smiling voice, he said: it doesn't matter. He still sticks to his post after catching a cold. Praise your dedication! I: after hearing the customer say this, my heart is warm. It seems that there is no sneeze for a while. Thank you quickly, sir, for your understanding

5. Diedie: what warms me is the love of my boyfriend.

once the company held an activity, and the number of customer calls doubled. I really realized what it means to talk. Speaking of hoarseness, I complained to my boyfriend. When I came home from work, I saw a pot of tea on the table. I didn't know whether it was fat sea or something. Then my boyfriend stood aside and said that what I checked was said to be very effective for sore throat. At that time, I had long forgotten the taste of tea, But the feeling and warmth are still fresh in my memory. The next day, I was really motivated to go to work ~ Although my throat pain was not good ~ ~

6 Ye: what warms me is that I am proud of being a customer service

that autumn, I came to this land full of youth and vitality - Shenzhen alone. At the beginning, I was confused. I don't know my goal and positioning? Finally, when I came to this company, my story and experience began

newcomers to the workplace are always cautious, lack of self-confidence, and the change rate can be adjusted dynamically. It is inevitable to have some bumps. They try to work overtime to learn how to be a professional customer service. First, baidu learns to standardize basic terms, second, they are familiar with the company's product business processes, and finally improve satisfaction and efficiency

I'm a customer service. I'm proud. Customers abuse me thousands of times. I treat customers like first love

I often encounter some tricky customers at work, and sometimes I weep secretly for this, but I still have to use a normal tone, attitude and smiling face to solve it patiently. It is precisely because of such customers that I have made leapfrog progress in my future work and growth. As the saying goes, a person's life can't be smooth sailing. When encountering setbacks, we should face difficulties, learn from them and find solutions

I'm a customer service. I'm in a hurry. I don't refuse anything. Time is money

what is your first reaction when a customer calls and you assign 007 to answer? Is it a customer complaint? Is it a work problem? wait...., I have really met such a customer. His call is not a customer complaint, nor about work, but just to find you for personal or personal use. He explained the reason, because when he first called, he encountered a problem that confused him for half a month. Under my correct guidance, it was perfectly solved. At that time, this customer also talked about many topics other than business, such as traveling to TA's city, visiting TA's home, and giving me souvenirs, I think this is not only a recognition of my work, but also another touch and warmth. Because you have to receive all kinds of customers every day. Even if you encounter so many difficult customers that day, if you encounter a customer who recognizes your work, then everything above is worth it. Therefore, this job has brought me too many joys and sorrows in my emotional nervous system! I am proud that I am now a customer service person

I'm a customer service, and I don't have normal vacation. I have to adapt to the mechanism of rotation and night shift

for this reason, I often miss many parties and appointments. I adapted to the golden week when I staggered with my family. I was at my post every Mid Autumn Festival and national day. My friends outside felt the traffic jam. As long as the performance of graphene material was greatly improved, I would do it; Plastic scenic spots are crowded, and I am in the office, feeling quiet and always keeping a clear head at work. Some Vickers hardness is expressed in HV (refer to gb/t4340 ⑴ 999). When familiar old customers call, they hear my voice is the voice of 007 job number. Suddenly, I feel a little moved. I have never met TA, but I can identify myself with 007 through my voice. I feel good because other people are strangers except relatives and friends, Maybe even some relatives and friends may not remember your voice clearly, but TA is really so attentive. At this time, I am proud that I am a customer service staff

I am honored and proud. I am a customer service staff

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