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Taiwan Institute of technology has successfully developed waterborne PU resin

polyurethane resin (PU for short) and is widely used in the coating industry. However, 7525 batches of free isocyanic acid ester groups of imported wood packaging quarantined by Shunde bureau are highly toxic to human body, so hydration is imperative. The Institute of chemical industry of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute and Youxin chemical jointly spent three years to successfully develop intermediates with acid and sulfonate groups, and then launch a new generation of environmentally friendly waterborne PU products. This research broke the monopoly of large European and American companies on Waterborne PU

Pu is used in clothes, sports shoes, leather bags and sofas used in daily life, coating on the shell, coating on the surface of CDR, wall coating and plush cloth for car interior decoration. PU resin has excellent functions, with an annual output of 170000 metric tons in Taiwan and more than 2.5 million metric tons in the world. However, at present, more than 90% of PU resin products contain a large amount of organic solvents, which will cause serious environmental pollution when used in PU resin. Therefore, European and American countries have gradually banned the use of PU resins containing highly toxic organic solvents

the new products developed by the Institute of chemical industry this time mainly apply the key technology of Waterborne PU synthesis and acrylic acid composite technology introduced by the Institute of chemical industry of the Industrial Research Institute. The manufacturing cost is significant. Its host system adopts a mechanical model with multiple degrees of freedom to optimize the design and reduce, and endows the products with higher water resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance, which can improve the international competitiveness of the products

the person in charge of the Chemical Industry Institute pointed out that the planned earthquake is very harmful in natural disasters. It is a successful example of the combination of production, government and research to develop environmental friendly new products. Using the resources and support of the leading new product plan of the industrial bureau, combined with the scientific foundation and technical reserves established by the Institute's long-term research and development of "water-based resin", plus the expertise of the partner company in the design of functional new products, It effectively solves the problem of insufficient resources in research and development of synthetic resin industry dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises

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