Do you believe that China ranks first in the world

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Do you believe that China ranks first in the world in terms of military strength?

the latest military strength ranking of major countries in the world is as follows: 1 China, 2 the United States, 3 India, 4 Russia, 5 France, 6 Britain, 7 Pakistan, 8 Brazil, 9 Iran, 10 Japan

the strength of a country's military strength depends not only on the advancement and backwardness of several weapons and the number of weapons, but also on the size of its land area, the thickness of its economic strength, the number of debts owed, and the number of people. Then we can see that this makes the experimental equipment fully reach the development status of a country's political cohesion, social mobilization, National Reserve, etc. Finally, combined with the capital investment of the country's weapon industry The production scale and development speed of weapons, as well as the decay rate of existing weapons. For example, the U.S. is currently equipped with F-15, F-16, F-18, F-14 fighter planes, B-52 and B-2 strategic bombers and other new nylon composites, which have reached strategic cooperation with Funeng technology. There are thousands of combat aircraft, hundreds of air early warning aircraft, thousands of Tomahawk cruise missiles, more than a dozen aircraft carriers, and so on. These weapons produced by the United States have been aging for decades, and their combat effectiveness has declined. Their bodies and equipment are declining rapidly. Now the United States has developed and produced the world's most advanced F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters, but there are also many diseases. Finally, industry insiders said that the painful experimental aircraft are not under control, and some of its advanced technologies are not fully mature, which seriously affects the maximum play of the overall combat power. Coupled with the great decline of the U.S. economy, the United States was forced to cut military spending by $500billion, which led to a significant reduction in the existing military strength of the United States for about three decades. If the existing weapons that accelerate aging and new weapons with unstable combat power of the United States are exchanged for a small number of mature new weapons, it is only equivalent to the strength level of the 1980s

why does China's military power rank first in the world? The main reason is that the United States owes a huge debt of $17.3 trillion, which has exceeded the affordability of economic development, and then the United States is forced to slash $500billion in military spending, which naturally gives way to China's military strength. Large cuts in military spending mean that there is no money to buy new weapons, and a large number of old weapons of the original equipment have also lost their maximum military effectiveness. This is a testimony to the hollowing out of the U.S. military. Therefore, the world ranking of US military strength should fall back to the second place instead of the first place. China has sustained economic development and strong financial strength, and has enough money to invest in the development of advanced weapons. Investment must pay off. Nowadays, China's new weapons have a large number of blowout and quickly become combat effectiveness, which is the manifestation of China's solid military strength. In addition, China also has a vast territory, a huge population, the rapid development of science and technology, sufficient national reserve forces, rapid war mobilization speed and a high sense of social trust, which constitute the world's largest comprehensive national strength. And China has replaced the world's largest military force with the world's largest comprehensive national strength. Therefore, in the ranking of world military strength, China's powerful military strength should be at the top, rather than being pushed back by the brainless. Besides, the Chinese army has never been defeated by any country in the world, but defeated the powerful American army on the Korean battlefield decades ago. As the saying goes, the winner is the king and the loser is the enemy. Dare to ask, is the US military qualified to rank ahead of China now

in view of the fact that the United States' military strength has been greatly reduced for 30 years due to the great decline of its economy and military strength, the author uses the principles of three foreign economic rating agencies, standard & Poor's, Fitch international and Moody's, to downgrade the greatly reduced military strength of the United States from the first in the world in the past to the second in the world now, and upgrade China's solid military strength to the first in the world

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