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[taipuai] standardized service seizes the commanding height of the transmission oil market

[taipuai] at this time, the oil input is reduced, and standardized service seizes the transmission and does not coincide with the main needle. The commanding height of the oil market

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as one of the components with the highest technical content and single vehicle supporting value in the automotive industry, the transmission is growing rapidly worldwide, and the automation rate is constantly improving. In 2018, the scale of China's automotive aftermarket is expected to reach 1.39 trillion yuan, of which the aftermarket of automatic transmission accounts for about 3.9%. Automobile automatic transmission is a precision accessory with complex structure and high processing precision. Once it is damaged, the maintenance cost is very high, but the owner is very lack of knowledge about the maintenance of the transmission. At present, domestic class I and class II automobile comprehensive maintenance enterprises also have many shortcomings in the "special maintenance of automatic transmission". From the perspective of market development, vehicles licensed after 2012 have gradually entered the transmission maintenance cycle. Therefore, automatic transmission maintenance will become an important service item for automobile repair plants

taking the market as the guide, taipuai lubricating oil occupies an absolute dominant position in the field of professional oil change and maintenance of automatic transmission. It has multiple transmission oil certifications and approvals of American and European series. It is one of the few transmission oil enterprises in China that also has mainstream certification in the United States and Europe, and holds a number of invention patents for automatic transmission oil

core transmission technology creates a win-win ecosystem for the standard packaging of beverages

with the development of automotive industry technology, automotive transmission technology has been widely used. With the increase of transmission types, more complex structures, longer oil change cycle of lubricating oil, etc., there is also a higher demand for transmission oil. Transmission oil in the new environment should not only improve the adaptability of transmission type and develop all kinds of special transmission oil, but also meet the requirements of more stringent operating environment and improve the overall performance of lubrication and maintenance of products

adhering to the concept of "focusing more on quality", with the core technology of transmission system and automatic transmission lubrication, based on the core formula of the United States, tapai has carried out a lot of localization development work according to the characteristics of Chinese vehicle conditions, road conditions and needs, and has the most leading technical advantages and the richest product line in the field of transmission oil

taipuai full series transmission lubrication scheme uses synthetic technology to create subdivisional products. Its excellent wear resistance and shear stability can effectively reduce the wear of the gearbox and improve the torque transmission capacity. It can operate smoothly even in severe cold conditions, improve anti shake durability and increase driving comfort. At present, tapai can provide more than ten kinds of transmission oil, including hydraulic automatic transmission oil ATF, stepless automatic transmission oil cvtf, double clutch automatic transmission oil DCTF, hybrid automatic transmission oil dhtf, as well as manual transmission oil MTF, power steering oil PSF and other products, which can fully meet the transmission lubrication needs of most models in the domestic automotive aftermarket

with the starting point of "to solve the pain point of the industry and provide better products and services to the majority of car owners", the new transmission maintenance project launched by tapai meets the rigid demand of the automotive aftermarket and creates a sustainable profit model, which enables partners to stand out in the fierce market competition and achieve win-win cooperation

marketing soft landing standardized services escort

in terms of market layout, tapai actively seizes the high-end market of transmission oil, and ensures to provide professional and high-end new experience of transmission maintenance for car owners with standardized service processes

tapai has prepared an all-round service team for its partners, including the company's excellent transmission hardware experts, transmission oil experts, marketing and training experts and other talents. Through 24-hour online and offline relay services, it can respond to users' oil needs and technical consultation in a timely manner, solve users' difficult problems in a timely manner, and enjoy easy and professional maintenance. Transmission hardware experts and oil experts provide partners with professional technical support such as common transmission maintenance problems, transmission maintenance knowledge, transmission maintenance risk assessment, transmission intelligent oil change operation guidance, etc; Marketing and training experts will evaluate the partners' existing business model and project profitability, provide partners with referential business management and profit improvement plans, and help partners quickly promote to professional managers

in terms of standardized services, tapai has developed a perfect automatic transmission intelligent oil change system to provide partners with advanced automatic transmission oil change maintenance equipment and oil change kits. Take a look at your four weeks. In addition, a full range of promotional materials, including automatic transmission oil product manuals, quick reference manuals, user service files and owner service manuals, provide partners with practical equipment operation knowledge and integrated maintenance solutions

in the era of "smart manufacturing in China", the transformation and upgrading of the industry is imminent, and only by keeping pace with the times can we cope with changes. Tapai knows its way well, penetrates the market with a sharp eye, provides users with reliable products and professional services with its strong gearbox technical strength, interprets the essence of the national "smart manufacturing" era with "quality, service and innovation", and leads the industry trend

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